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L'anglais d'aujourd'hui en 90 leçons [The English Language of Today in 90 lessons]
Author: Judith Ward & Pierre Gallego (dir: Michael O'Neil)
Publisher: LGF-Livre de Poche (1992), Studio Multimedia (1993)
Language: English, French
Format / Quality: mp3 (ripped from CD-Audio) + iso (CD-ROM 1 & 2 mixed into 1)
Size: 628 Mb (in 95.7 Mb parts)
First published in 1992 by LGF in the "Livre de Poche - Méthode 90" collection, L'anglais d'aujourd'hui en 90 leçons et en 90 jours (Book + cassettes or CD-Audio) replaced an older L'anglais en 90 leçons et en 90 jours. It was followed in 1993 by a CD-Rom adaptation designed by Studio Multimedia, with the simplified title L'anglais d'aujourd'hui en 90 leçons, which is the core of this news. I didn't scan the 1992 book because it can be found at a very cheap price and, anyway, all the dialogs and explanations are on the CD-Rom as well.

These 90 progressive lessons for French speaking people will make a beginner able to reach an advanced level in about 3 months.

Each lesson is organized into three sections:
- A lively dialogue that you can listen, understand, and repeat (sentence by sentence or word for word).
- A grammar section which gives details on the new structures introduced in the lesson.
- And an exercises section: understanding, answers to questions on the text, verbs study, pronunciation, etc.

This CD-ROM method is the only one that pronounces and translates all words in their dialog context, in addition to all the texts and exercises.

I mixed myself the two initial CD-Rom into one (it's why there are some other minor programs on the CD - please read "LISEZMOI.TXT" for more details).

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