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Codul bunelor maniere astazi
Category: Romanian, Audio/Video (Romanian) | Author: anatmd | (18.03.10)   
Updated: 18.03.2010 - 06:32


Codul bunelor maniere astazi (audiobook)
Language: Romanian
Duration: 01:07:10
Pretutindeni in lume, cartile care ne invata normele comportamentului civilizat se bucura astazi de un imens succes. Codul bunelor maniere astazi nu face exceptie: la zece ani de la aparitie, numarul de exemplare vandute a depasit 200 000. Asadar, in medie, 20 000 de familii de romani cumpara, an de an, cartea doamnei Marinescu. Scris cu inteligenta, deplin adaptat uzantelor moderne occidentale si totodata romanesti, Codul este un veritabil bestseller national.
Acum aveti ocazia sa-l si ascultati, chiar in lectura autoarei.
Introducere in bunele maniere (10:30); Prezentarea (08:21); Salutul (08:18); Arta conversatiei si comportamentul in societate (17:00); Cum ne imbracam (09:08); Bunele maniere la masa (06:11); Cum ne comportam intr-un restaurant (07:42)


Everywhere in the world, books that teach us civilized behavior rules now have a huge success. Code of good manners today is no exception: ten years after the appearance, number of copies sold has exceeded 200 000. So, on average, 20 000 Romanian families buy, year after year, the book by Mrs. Marinescu. Written with intelligence, fully adapted to modern usage and also western Romanian, code is a genuine national bestseller.

Introduction manners (10:30), Presentation (08:21), Greetings (08:18); art of conversation and behavior in society (17:00) How we dress (09:08), good manners at the table ( 06:11); How we behave in a restaurant (07:42) Total Duration: 01:07:10

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