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Possession Zapotec
Category: Educational materials (Indigenous), Indigenous languages | Author: rebrafi | (24.09.11)   
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Possession Zapotec
Author: Stephen A. Marlett
Publisher: SIL
Publication date: 2010
Number of pages: 30
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 545kb
Attributive possession is shown in two ways. One is a direct possessive construction (section 2) in which the possessor simply follows the possessum. The second is an indirect possessiveconstruction (section 3) using a phrase headed by a word that may be analyzed as either an inherently possessed noun or a preposition. Some varieties have both constructions, usually in complementary distribution. A few varieties permit paraphrases between constructions in some limited cases, with interesting semantic results (section 4). Some varieties have only the indirect construction (see appendix A). One variety has been documented as having a syntactic condition on the distribution of the two constructions, but this factor is almost certainly under-reported (section 5).

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