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A Contrastive Analysis of Persian and English (Grammar,Vocabulary and Phonology)
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A Contrastive Analysis of Persian and English (Grammar,Vocabulary and Phonology)
Author: Dr. Lotfolah Yarmohammadi
Publisher: Payame Noor University Press , Tehran
Publication date: 1981
Number of pages: 250
Format / Quality: PDF-scanned/good
Size: 13 MB
This book is an attempt to contribute to the contrastive study of the grammar , the phonology and the vocabulary of English and Persian . It introduces students to the basic methods , concepts and terminology they require in order to be able to compare the syntactic structures , and the sound system and the vocabulary of English and Persian .
The book has been designed to meet the needs of students at Iranian universities , Payame Noor University in particular , who have to take a course on contrastive linguistics during their undergraduate studies . The book could be profitably used in teacher training colleges and schools for translators , and will benefit best those who already have had an introductory course on general linguistics and phonetics.

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