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Reflets 1 Methode de Francais: Cahier D'exercices
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Reflets 1 Methode de Francais: Cahier D'exercices
Author: Guy Capelle
Publisher: Hachette-Livre (April 2003)
Language: French
This multimeida course (book, videos, CDs, and exercise book) offers an interesting introduction to French that will appeal to older children and adults. The course is entirely modern and deals with contemporary situations, largely urban in nature. The text is full of photographs (all in color) that include scenes from the accompanying video tapes. The focus is on a trio of 20-somethings and their daily lives at their work places. It's an interesting course with interesting exercises that are relevant to modern life. A weakness is that the presentation of points of grammar often leaves the student with a lot of questions that require a teacher to answer. This isn't a self-study course except maybe for someone who is highly motivated. For a class of teenagers and older students it is very good.

I didn't find Reflets 1 methode de francais: Cahier D'exercices, so i scanned the whole book and uploded it... Enjoy

Download link in mirrorcreator:

I would appreciate if someone can upload Reflets 3 or Alter Ego A2 and B1

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