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Slangman Guide to BIZ SPEAK 2 : Slang, Idioms & Jargon used in Business
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Slangman Guide to BIZ SPEAK 2 : Slang, Idioms & Jargon used in Business
Author: David Burke
Publisher: Slangman Pub
Publication date: 2002-04
ISBN: 1891888382
Number of pages: 240
Format / Quality: PDF, MP3
Size: 151 MB
Now you can hear how natives speak! Because Americans shorten and combine words when they speak in everyday conversations, understanding them can be extremely difficult...but there is help!

You need to know how English really sounds and get used to the speed!

Each audio product contains "real speak" versions of the dialogues and vocabulary. "Real speak" features the shortened or "real" pronunciation Americans use every day. If you want to feel comfortable speaking with Americans and understanding conversations in English, these audio products are essential.

Listen to these audio products and you will be ready to hear English, understand English, and use English!

SLANGMAN has created an audio program for each book, which helps you say each word just like an American!

CDs also available.

See why so many ESL students around the world love The Slangman Guide to Street Speak series!

The book was written by American native and slang expert Slangman David Burke, author of more than 24 books on slang and idioms.


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