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Frühägyptisches Wörterbuch - 1: Erste Lieferung 3-F
Category: Ancient, Dictionaries (Ancient) | Author: 123dutch | (30.10.12)   
Updated: 30.10.2012 - 21:36

Frühägyptisches Wörterbuch - 1: Erste Lieferung 3-F
Author: Jochem Kahl
Publisher: Harrassowitz
Publication date: 2003
Number of pages: 163
Format / Quality: PDF
source language: german
Size: 5MB
History by definition begins when writing first emerges. What precedes is prehistory. The matter would seem simple enough. Yet, pinpointing the start of ancient Egyptian history is not. The problem is the nature of earliest hieroglyphic writings. The question is whether they count as history. It is now widely agreed that the earliest manifestations of the hieroglyphic script date back to as early as roughly 3300 B.C.E. Tomb U-j at Umm el-Qaab near Abydos, which is being excavated by the German Archaeological Institute, has been a treasure trove of earliest writing (see G. Dreyer, Umm el-Qaab, I: Das pradynastische Konigsgrab U-j und seine fruhen Schriftzeugnisse [Mainz, 1998]). This earliest evidence has come to light only fairly recently. Its emergence has caused something of a stir. It appears to make Egypt's history into the earliest of all, antedating Mesopotamia's. The matter remains sub iudice. But can these earliest hieroglyphs be defined as history?


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