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Science And Technology Dictionary (English - Amharic)
Category: Dictionaries (African), African languages | Author: hugo | (16.04.11)   
Updated: 16.04.2011 - 23:25


Science And Technology Dictionary (English - Amharic)
Author: Girma Zenebe, Alemayehu Gunnu, Tahsas Kebebew et al.
Publisher: Addis-Ababa: Academy of Ethiopian Languages, Artistic Printing Press
Date: 1996
Pages: 254
Format: pdf > rar
Size: 6 MB
Target language: Amharic
Source language: English
The dictionary is prepared in English entry considering that this would be more convinient to introduce the new coined Amharic terms.
There are 15,087 entries included in this dictionary. The English terms and their Amharic equivalents are given as they are treated in their respective panels. Hence, at times, similar English terms from different panels may or may not have similar Amharic equivalents. The different Amharic equivalents of the same English term could have come under a single entry. For various reasons, however, it is agreed to present every Amharic term under a separate entry.
Therefore, users are advised to refer to the Amharic term in the disciplině of their particular choice. The discipline in which a term is found is indicated by the abbreviation given following every entry.

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