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The Oral Tradition of the Baganda of Uganda
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The Oral Tradition of the Baganda of Uganda
Author: Immaculate N. Kizz
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 0786440155
Number of pages: 217
Format / Quality: PDF
book is in english
Size: 1.53MB
The Oral Tradition of the Baganda of Uganda: A Study and Anthology of Legends, Myths, Epigrams and Folktales.

The Baganda people of Uganda enjoy an extraordinarily rich oral tradition, which serves as a window into their cultural milieu, history, and experiences as a people. This comprehensive, multi-genre work is both a study of the Baganda people's oral literature, framed within the broader contexts of the African oral tradition genre, modern African literature, and global literary studies, and a collection of representative stories. Ample cultural explanations throughout the text explore the living culture of this unique East African nation. Particular attention is paid to the history of Uganda, which is recounted to place the oral tradition within its proper context. An appendix offers sample Luganda songs.


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