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The Poetry of three Ottoman sultans, in Ottoman and Persian
Category: Educational materials (Turkic), Other Turkic languages, Educational materials (Iranian), Iranian languages, Literary Studies | Author: rebrafi | (03.01.14)   
Updated: 3.01.2014 - 07:13

The Poetry of three Ottoman sultans, in Ottoman and Persian
Author: Mehmet II, Selim I, Suleyman I
Publisher: various
Publication date: various
Number of pages: various
Format / Quality: pdf, djvu
Size: 6 MB, four files
I ve intended to post this one for a while. Here you ll find bundled together the diwans of three famous Ottoman sultans, from the period of the apogee of the empire. The first one is Mehmet II Fatih, the conqueror of Constantinople, with the nom de plume (takhallus) of Avni (d.1481). I include two versions of his diwan, Nur Dogan (1994), from, and Jakob (1904). Nur Dogan s is in Latin script, Jakob s in Ottoman. Serbian, Bulgarian and Greek friends may find it especially astonishing that the sultan wrote love poems to a Greek from Galata. Well, he was also painted by the Italian Bellini, eulogized by Greek historians, and he saw himself as a universal ruler.

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