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The Dictionary of Made-Up Languages
Category: English, Dictionaries (English) | Author: 123dutch | (26.01.13)   
Updated: 26.01.2013 - 23:57

The Dictionary of Made-Up Languages
Author: Stephen D. Rogers
Publisher: Adamsmedia
Publication date: 2011
ISBN: 1440528179
Number of pages: 304
Format / Quality: EPUB
Size: 3.30MB
Can you converse in Klingon? Ask an Elf the time of day? Greet a speaker of Esperanto? These are among the more than 100 constructed languages you'll find in this book. For each one, author Stephen D. Rogers provides vocabulary, grammatical features, background information on the language and its inventor, and fascinating facts. What's more, easy-to-follow guidelines show you how to construct your own made-up language--everything from building vocabulary to making up a grammar.

So pick up this dictionary! In no time, you'll be telling your friends, "Tsun oe nga-hu ni-Na'vi pangkxo a fì-'u oe-ru prrte' lu." ("It's a pleasure to be able to chat with you in Navi.")


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UZ in other lingos ;)

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