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The Albanians - A Modern History
Category: Educational materials (Albanian), Albanian | Author: Kahena | (06.10.13)   
Updated: 6.10.2013 - 13:13

The Albanians - A Modern History
Author: Miranda Vickers
Publisher: I. B. Tauris
Publication date: 2001
ISBN-10: 1860645410
ISBN-13: 978-1860645419
Number of pages: 294
Format / Quality: DJVU
Size: 5.94 Mb
Albania remains one of the least-known nations in the world. This is the first full account of a country that experienced a turbulent history and decades of isolation. The last few years have brought unprecedented change to the entire Albanian political system, with the collapse of communism and the progression to multi-party elections, first in April 1991 and again in March 1992. Miranda Vickers traces the history of the Albanian people (including the Albanians of the former Yugoslavia) from the late Ottoman period. Her account takes in the emergence of the Albanian national movement; the Balkan wars; the First World War occupation of Albanian territory; independence; the rule of King Zog; the formation of the Albanian Communist Party; the charismatic leadership of Enver Hoxha; Albania's relationship with Tito and Yugoslavia; the break with Tito and the alliance with the Soviet Union and then China; the long period of isolation; the death of Hoxha in 1985, and the succession of Ramiz Alia; the process of gradual reform which led to the 1991 multi-party elections and the victory of the PLA (the Communist Party); the collapse of the coalition government later that year, and the victory of the ADP (the Albanian Democratic Party) the following year. The book also considers Albania's future.

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