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Po polsku w rok (Polish in a Year). Tom I+II
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Po polsku w rok (Polish in a Year). Tom I+II
Author: Oscar E. Swan
Publisher: Slavica
Publication date: 2012
Number of pages: 286+276
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 109MB
audio inserted
The third edition of First Year Polish, now called Po polsku w rok (Polish in a Year) is a thoroughly rewritten and revised version of the book bearing the former title. The new title reflects its present division into 12 longish lessons, each of which may realistically becovered in the course of a month, given a normal classroom pace. I hope that in attempting to correct some of the shortcomings of the original work I have not introduced too many new ones. This book is suitable for students with no previous knowledge of Polish or any foreign language. It is also appropriate for students with a certain knowledge of Polish from home or from living in Poland, or for students with a knowledge of a Slavic language other than Polish. While this book has been developed in constant contact with the beginning Polish classroom situation, it has been especially written with the independent and distance-learner in mind, and users of the World Wide Web.


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