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Grammaticalization and Parametric Variation
Category: Linguistics | Author: killerengel | (17.03.13)   
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Grammaticalization and Parametric Variation

Author->Edited by: Montserrat Batllori, Maria-Lluïsa Hernanz, Carme Picallo, and Francesc Roca
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 313
Format/Quality: Rar->PDF (Excellent)
File Size: 1.77 MB

The title of this volume, Grammaticalization and Parametric Variation, is intended to capture the continuation of a tradition in the Weld of historical linguistics as well as the theoretical assumptions that have guided the study of grammatical variation and change in recent decades under the generative framework. As is well known, the term grammaticalization was used inMeillet (1912) to refer to processes of apparent category shifting and semantic weakening that some lexical items may undergo in language evolution and change. Elements that had entered into thematic relations partially lose features and gradually become functional-like elements such as clitics or inXectional aYxes.1 The phenomenon, however, has been diVerently understood and assessed, depending on the view adopted with respect to grammar and language.

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