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Experiential Constructions in Yucatec Maya
Category: Indigenous languages, Educational materials (Indigenous) | Author: killerengel | (16.03.13)   
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Experiential Constructions in Yucatec Maya
Author: Elisabeth Verhoeven
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Publication date: 2007
Serie: Volume 87
Number of pages: 382
Format/Quality: Rar->PDF (Excellent)
File Size: 1.62 MB
The present work is a study of the functional domain of experience in Yucatec Maya (henceforth YM), the Mayan language of the Yucatán Peninsula and parts of Guatemala and Belize. Experience is a basic phenomenon in human life. It constitutes a fundamental concept that must be rendered in every language in some way or another. The domain of experience, as understood here, covers more specific types of experiences that are ultimately related to the processing of inner and outer stimuli by the human (and animal) nervous system and other related systems. More specifically, this concerns (the faculty of) sensual perception, bodily sensations and feelings, cognitive processes, as well as emotional reactions.

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