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Culture in the Communication Age
Category: Educational materials (English), English | Author: Kahena | (15.01.14)   


Culture in the Communication Age
Author: James Lull
Publisher: Routledge
Date: 1 edition (November 9, 2000)
ISBN: 041522117X
ISBN-13: 978-0415221177
Pages: 230
Format: PDF
Size: 2.07 Mb
What does it mean to live in the Communication Age? What has happened to culture in the Communication Age? What is the nature of culture today?
Culture in the Communication Age brings together some of the world's leading thinkers from a range of academic disciplines to discuss what 'culture' means in the modern era. They describe key features of cultural life in the 'communication age', and consider the cultural implications of the rise of global communication, mass media, information technology, and popular culture. Individual chapters consider:
* Cultures of the mind
* Rethinking culture in a global context
* Re-thinking Culture, from 'ways of life' to 'lifestyle'
* Gender and Culture
* Popular Culture and Media Spectacles
* Visual Culture
* Star Culture
* Computers, the Internet and Virtual Cultures
* Superculture in the Communication Age

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» 31.01.14 Trajectories: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies
» 02.02.14 Metaphor in Use - Context, culture, and communication
» 09.02.14 Cultures in Conversation
» 15.01.14 Online Communication Linking Technology, Identity, and Culture, 2nd Edition
» 07.03.12 Studies in Hebrew Language and Jewish Culture
» 21.07.10 Naxi Manuscripts
» 04.01.14 Gida Natura Gizarte Eta Kultura Ingurunearen Ezaguera 5 Lehen Hezkuntza - Naturaleza Guía para 5 º de Primaria
» 25.07.14 A Glossary of Cultural Theory
» 08.07.10 Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food
» 16.07.11 The Virtual Hermitage 2.0
» 27.10.10 Pasteles dulces y salados
» 10.08.11 Kultur, Raum, Landschaft: Zur Bedeutung des Raumes in Zeiten der Globalität
» 18.12.12 Ethnic Constructs in Antiquity: The Role of Power and Tradition
» 29.03.12 Festivals, Feasts, and Gender Relations in Ancient China and Greece
» 03.01.14 Les melodies huchees touvas et ouzbekes: aspects compositionnels et dimension culturelle
» 27.12.13 Greece and the Augustan Cultural Revolution
» 30.06.14 Türkei hören
» 30.06.14 Frankreich hören
» 12.10.10 Phraseology and Culture in English


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