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Balkan Syntax and Semantics
Category: Linguistics | Author: Don_Horhe | (26.03.13)   
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Balkan Syntax and Semantics
Author: Olga Mišeska Tomić (ed.)
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 978 90 272 2790 4
Number of pages: 516
Language: English
Format / Quality: PDF/Excellent
Size: 2.4 MB archived, 4.4 MB unarchived
The book deals with some syntactic and semantic aspects of the shared Balkan Sprachbund properties. In a comprehensive introductory chapter, Tomić offers an overview of the Balkan Sprachbund properties. Sobolev, displaying the areal distribution of 65 properties, argues for dialect cartography. Friedman, on the example of the evidentials, argues for typologically informed areal explanation of the Balkan properties. The other contributions analyze specific phenomena: polidefinite DPs in Greek and Aromanian (Campos and Stavrou), Balkan constructions in which datives combine with impersonal clitics or non-active morphology (Rivero), Balkan optatives (Ammann and Auwera), imperative force in the Balkan languages (Isac and Jakab), clitic placement in Greek imperatives (Bošković), focused constituents in Romanian and Bulgarian (Hill), synthetic and analytic tenses in Romanian (D'Hulst, Coene and Avram), "purpose-like" modification in a number of Balkan languages (Bužarovska), Balkan modal existential wh-constructions (Grosu), child and adult strategies in interpreting empty subjects in Serbian/Croatian (Stojanović and Marelj), conditional sentences in Judeo-Spanish (Montoliu and Auwera).


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