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A Grammar of Modern Tamil
Category: Educational materials (Indian), Indian languages | Author: rebrafi | (04.10.13)   
Updated: 5.10.2013 - 05:35

A Grammar of Modern Tamil
Author: Thomas Lehmann
Publisher: Pondicherry Institute
Publication date: 1993
ISBN: 81-85452-03-2
Number of pages: 204
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 25,8 MB
For a long time the need has been felt for a comprehensive linguistic description of Modern Literary Tamil. To fulfill this need, at least on the morphological and syntactic level, the Pondicherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture has started its series of publications with the present work. It is hoped that the data and analyses in this grammar will not only add new dimensions,
providing new insights into the grammatical structure of Tamil, but also stimulate the much needed further research in this area.

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