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A Foreigner in New York
Category: English, Audio/Video (English) | Author: 123dutch | (21.07.13)   
Updated: 24.07.2013 - 05:02

A Foreigner in New York
Author: Ramon Ybarra Rubio
Publisher: Burlington books
Publication date: 2013
ISBN: 9789963468980
Number of pages: 81
Format / Quality: PDF
Words: 1,700-2,220 Headwords
Size: 5.8MB
This Burlington Reader is part of a series of carefully graded readers specially designed for Spain.
Antonio is a Spanish young man who likes to travel and always wanted to see New York. A Foreigner in New York tells how he finally gets the opportunity to go and made ??two visits to the city. To follow in their impressions known tourist routes, famous places and others not so, and also his interesting group of friends. Reading offers a fascinating vision of this city known around the world, their history and way of life, from hot dogs to baseball games.Do not be surprised if after reading it you feel like taking the first flight to New York!


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